Call for Applications

Call for Applications – EEGA@interaction: Thematic Workshops and Conferences

The ScienceCampus EEGA offers open-rank and cross-institutional activities that create an efficient platform for excellent multi-disciplinary cooperation. Part of these collaborative activities are thematic workshops and conferences organised by and for Postdocs. EEGA invites for proposals for thematic workshops and conferences, including thematic writing retreats and discussion fora. All Postdocs from EEGA member institutions and their cooperation partners are eligible to submit proposals. Workshops can take place in Germany or in Eastern Europe in a wider sense. The events may vary in group sizes, though should not have less than 5 participants or more than 25. Generally, a workshop, conference or writing retreat should not exceed 3 days. Start of funding is possible between 1 February and 1 July 2018.

The scholar(s) organising the thematic workshop, writing retreat or discussion forum are firstly asked to mention and display the Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA as supporter of the workshop on conference materials and in announcements. Secondly, the organiser(s) are obliged to inform the EEGA coordination about changes in the outset of the event. Thirdly, the financial support by EEGA may be used only for measures and purposes that are stated in the application and that have been acknowledged by the EEGA coordination. Fourthly the organiser(s) commit to publishing a summary of the workshop in the EEGA@connections series of the online journal “Connections – A Journal for Historians and Area Specialists” ( The summary shall have the form of a working paper with contributions by workshop participants (about 2.500 – 10.000 words, depending on dimensions of the workshop and EEGA support). The editorial board of the journal will provide advice regarding layout, scope and quality of the working paper. Finally, the event should be open for junior and senior scholars of EEGA member institutions.

Application deadline: 28 August 2017

Start of funding:  ongoing, starting from 1 February 2018

Program details can be found here.

Applications must include:
1. Abstract of the event (300 – 900 words)
2. Plan for time, duration, number of guests, number of guest speakers and/or moderators
3. Calculation of expected costs
4. CVs of main organisers

Please submit your application as 1 PDF (max. 7 pages, 2 MB) to:


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