Conference on Critique of Modernity

14-15 June 2018
Leipzig University, Kolleg-Forschergruppe (KFG)
“Multiple Secularities – Beyond the West, Beyond Modernities“
Strohsack, Nikolaistraße 8-10
Room 5.55

Registration for Listeners:
Registration closes 3 June 2018!

Ideas travel in time and space. The conference seeks to explore the transnational circulation of counter-enlightenment discourses, moods and motifs as well as those of their intellectual opponents. We will discuss the global phenomenon of anti-modern critique in its specific regional contexts in the Islamicate world, but also its wider entanglements. The cases of Ahmad Fardid and Henry Corbin are revealing examples of such transnational traveling of ideas and traditions.
Critique of “Western” modernity is present outside and inside the West. We aim at discussing the similarities and differences between various types of such critique, including critical theory approaches and post-modern forms of critique.

Please find here the complete program.


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