Interdisciplinary Conference – Self-Positioning of Eastern European Societies in Global Relations – Conceptions of Space and Self-Presentations in School Textbooks

November 6 – 7, 2017

The core objective of the interdisciplinary symposium is to raise awareness for the autonomy of Eastern European countries and societies with regard to processes of globalisation. These proces- ses can be social, economic or cultural. The special focus of discus- sion, empirical material and findings will be on textbooks, as they are highly influential in the self-representation of nations. Papers discuss historical perspectives, e.g. the ‚global age‘ of Ukraine and the Lower Danube Region, as well as the Central and East Europe- an countries’ own perspectives at present time.

The symposium intends to highlight that such self-positioning partly constitutes national/collective identities in Eastern Europe. These identities are in turn, constantly utilised, reproduced, cont- ested and adjusted. In this regard, history, geography, political/ civic education and social studies textbooks as well as school curricula/syllabi will give interesting insight into (national) self-positioning.

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