Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig (IfL)

The IfL is the only research institute for Geography in Germany which is not attached to a university. The research carried out at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography is concerned with spatial structures and current developments that have a spatial impact in Europe, as well as with the theoretical and historical foundations of Regional Geography. Under the heading »New Geographies of Europe« the researchers analyse ongoing processes, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. An important area of the institute´s work is the presentation of research findings for specialist and more general audiences.

The institute was founded in its current form in 1992; its beginnings reach back to 1896. It has been at its current site at Leipzig-Paunsdorf since 1996; the organization’s name was extended in 2003, becoming the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography.
The IfL is organized in a matrix structure of departments and research areas, namely the production of space: polarisation and peripheralisation, the production of space: state and society, the history of geography, and geovisualisation.


Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig (IfL)

Schongauerstraße 9, 04328 Leipzig

Contact Person
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lentz
Phone +49 341 600 55-107