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The REALEURASIA Blog is edited by the four senior members of the project (Chris Hann, Matthijs Krul, Sylvia Terpe and Lale Yalçın-Heckmann). It features research funded by the European Research Council under the European Union’s Seventh Programme, ERC Grant Agreement No. 340854 (REALEURASIA). The blog has the following functions:

  1. To link the anthropological themes and historical vision of the project to current affairs (international relations, political economy etc.)
  2. To document field research and disseminate research results in accessible form for a broad public
  3. To chronicle project-related events (panels, workshops etc)
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#Fußball in #Osteuropa: Spiegel der Gesellschaft. Zwei @LeibnizGWZO-Forscher berichten auf @detektorfm über ihre Forschung zu Fußball in #Kultur und #Geschichte. https://t.co/UmhspLildJ

CfP: Seminar "Transnational History of Socialism. Second Half of 19th Century to 1914" with #EEGA speaker Matthias Middell. Deadline: 10.05.

#EEGA member IAMO sucht Hilfskraft, Deadline: 31.03. #jobs

Event der Woche auf dem OEI-Veranstaltungsportal „Osteuropa in Berlin“:
Vom 19.03 -21.03... https://t.co/gLoWTAlLX5

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