Marcin Szerle

I’m a historian, museum worker, graduate of the Univeristy of Gdańsk. My research focuses mostly on the social issues in Second Polish Republic, with particular attention to trans-oceanic emigration, Poland’s naval communication lines, as well as the history of medicine and hygiene. I’m a researcher of Gdynia’s history, both that of the city and the harbor, and the local Modernist architecture. I was a long-time employee of the City Museum of Gdynia (education, research, PR) and Emigration Museum in Gdynia (research, custodianship and inventorying of the collection), currently unaffiliated historian. Published more than 20 scientific and popular articles, in Poland and abroad. Active participant in scientific conferences on museum science and history, including the PAHA Fifth World Congress on Polish Studies in Warsaw.

Within the Leibniz ScienceCampus »Eastern Europe – Global Area« (EEGA) scholarship, I’m going to focus on the subject Sea connections of Poland to the world – repercussions of globalization to Polish portal cities (1920-1989).


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CfA: Conference Puti Rossii 2018, Moscow

Vortrag »Predictions as a better way to elicit preference
structure«, Sonja Radas, Institute of Economics, Zagreb, #EEGA member IMW Leipzig, 13.02., 11.15

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