The EEGA awards individual scholarships for 3 months of funding to talented postgraduate-students who want to develop a PhD proposal in the field of research of the EEGA. Scholarship holders get the opportunity to participate in existing PhD- and institutional colloquia and other events of participating institutes The ScienceCampus also offers additional training measures and services to the scholarship holders. They will get the chance for specific coachings from EEGA Postdocs, individual consultation with research area coordinators in the EEGA, training sessions organised by EEGA, and financial support of participation in existing courses at other universities or research institutions in Germany.

Eligible for Postgraduate-Grants are MA students from Germany, foreign Postgraduate students who are currently situated in Germany and Postgraduate students from institutions in other countries that are related to the members of the EEGA through cooperation agreements. Main criterion for selection is the compatibility of the Postgraduate student’s research interest with the focus and aims of the EEGA. Eligible are postgraduate students only.

Presentation of the first cohort and their research projects

Miriam Meir

Simon Behnisch

Interview with Miriam Meir and Simon Behnisch #2 – How did you get to know EEGA ScienceCampus?

Interview with Miriam Meir and Simon Behnisch #3 – What are the links between your research project and EEGA ScienceCampus?

Interview with Miriam Meir and Simon Behnisch #4 – The benefit of EEGA ScienceCampus to me is…


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Konferenz: Neuordnung der Staaten – Neuordnung der Seelsorge. Staat und katholische Kirche in Ostmitteleuropa nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg: Deutsches Reich – Polen – Tschechoslowakei, Tübingen, 20.07.-20.08.

CfP: 2018 International Conference, Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies “On the Move: Migration and Diasporas”, Deadline: 15.06.

Aufbruch zu Demokratie und Nationalstaatlichkeit in Mittel- und Ostmitteleuropa? Weitere Informationen zur Tagung hier:

100 Jahre belarussische Staatlichkeit: Das Verhältnis von Staat und Nation, 28.05., Berlin #DGO

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