Prof. James Mark

James Mark is Professor of History at the University of Exeter and Principal Investigator on the 1989 after 1989 project. After having completed a M.Phil. in Russian and East European Studies and a D.Phil. at the University of Oxford he has been working in the History Department at Exeter since 2004. Most of his research has addressed the social and cultural history of state socialism and its collapse in central-eastern Europe, the politics of memory in the area during both socialism and post-socialism, or aims to connect the region to broader global histories and processes through transnational, entangled and comparative methods[1]. He is also a National Committee Member of the Oral History Society.

Research interests

– oral history – the experience of Hungarian middle class under the Communist state
– major political transformations and production of new public histories helping social groups to re-imagine their own pasts
– memory of the Second World War in Hungarian and Romanian communities in Transylvania

Used sources


[1] cf.


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